Provedo Quintiero Architects

The firm Provedo-Quintiero Architects was formed in 1980, and since then it worked on Project and Construction Management in Architecture and Interior Design. It has two headquarters, the first one in the City of Comodoro Rivadavia, and since 2006, in the City of Buenos Aires.

The study is formed by the architects Mario A. Provedo, Aldina Quintiero, Mariano A. Provedo and Francisco Provedo.

The firm focuses on characterizing a unique and different way of dealing with each project. Its headlines say: …” There is no repetitive way or methodology for architectonic solution; each project has a sole way of carrying out its solution. Every project is unique.”…

The firm has an interdisciplinary organization and work structure. It is lead by its three owners, apart from a team of professionals suited to offer an answer to the different architectonic and design needs. Furthermore, it counts on a team of consultants in the different areas and specialties, as the subject matter to be tackled would require.

In its long career so far, the firm has built around 900,000 m2. Within the different typologies, the firm has worked on Project and Construction Management in Houses and Blocks of Flats, Hotels, Offices, Shopping Malls, Entertainment Centers, Schools and Religious Buildings, among others.

Since 1991, by the Casino Privatization Act in Argentina, the firm has devoted part of its production to the construction of Entertainment Centers, including in them the program Casino. This new subject matter within the firm allowed the Architects to develop a specialty that is unique in the country regarding this program. They found their variants, in more complex solutions, where programs which had been dissimilar so far, or with isolated solutions and unknown in our country, coexist in the same building.

The firm has an over 18 year specialization in this subject and has worked in different cities all over the country. The most important projects are in:

• Ushuaia and Río Grande in Tierra del Fuego.
• Caleta Olivia, Las Heras, Pico Truncado, Puerto Deseado, Río Gallegos and Calafate in Santa Cruz.
• Comodoro Rivadavia, Rada Tilly, Trelew, Playa Unión and Rawson in Chubut.
• City of Santa Rosa in La Pampa.
• City of San Rafael in Mendoza.
• City of La Rioja in La Rioja.
• City of Posadas in Misiones.
• City of Rosario in Santa Fé.
• Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo (National Jurisdiction) and in Puerto Madero (Ports General Office, National Jurisdiction) in the City of Buenos Aires.